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Keep up to date by visiting our Blog with helpfull Lawn care tips. We like to share these tips that will help you manage your lawn, garden, patios, decks, and grounds by season. Most of these you can do yourself in little time.








By Anthony Lawn Care, Feb 21 2017 01:23AM

Spring is almost here!

Give us a call to setup your regular lawn maintenance & trimming for this season, Great Results and Affordable pricing.919.500.3114

We provide Professional Lawn Care services to help maintain and enhance your property's appearance.

Whether you require weekly or Bi-weekly cutting and trimming, we can meet your needs. All lawn care mowing includes weed trimming of edges, blowing clippings, and edging on every visit!

We provide Total Care services to help you manage your Lawn Care needs. From hedge trimming, light pruning, mulch installation, plantings, shrub maintenance, sod repair,

We want your property to shine and enjoy more play time.

* Professional services

* Affordable

* Reliable services

* Satisfaction

Anthony Lawn Care can provide the services needed to keep your lawn looking the best. We can provide scheduled maintenance of all your services at an Affordable cost.

Total Lawn Care service, why settle for anything less.

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By Anthony Lawn Care, Feb 21 2017 01:18AM

Take great care in pruning.....

There are plenty of articles that outline when not to prune, but now is finally time to plan your pruning in the coming months.Late winter/early spring is often prescribed as the optimal time to trim tree and shrub branches because there is less risk of disease and the cuts stress the tree less.February through March is the best time to do so!

The absence of leaves allows a clear view of all the branches, making it far easier to see what needs to be removed. The wounds are also able to heal more rapidly prior to spring growth.Since it is almost that ideal time frame, now is your chance to take a moment and consider what you are trying to accomplish with your pruning and how much should be done at this time. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve by pruning a certain plant. Are you just looking for dead wood to remove or are you trying to train it to grow a certain way, such as an espalier? Your goal for the plant should decide where and how much you need to trim.

There are four main types of pruning, including cleaning, thinning, raising and reduction.It is always better to prune too little than to over prune. Removing more than 25 percent of the crown can harm the tree’s ability to make food and its growth potential.Also, take time to evaluate the condition of the plant. If it is sick, remove the dead wood but try not to remove more than that, as it can stress the plant further.

By Anthony Lawn Care, Feb 21 2017 01:11AM


Anthony Lawn Care Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Louisburg Award.

Louisburg, December 13, 2016 — Anthony Lawn Care has been selected for the 2016 Best

Businesses of Louisburg Award in the Landscaping category by the Best Businesses of Louisburg

Award Program. This is the second time since 2014 that Anthony Lawn Care has been selected

for this award.

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“Back 2 Back Years! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Louisburg, December 13, 2016 — Anthony Lawn Care has been selected for the 2016 Best Businesses”


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